Monday, March 31, 2008

I have this sweater

which was started, shall we say, a significant number of years ago. I believe it was before I deployed to Kuwait (so that would place it prior to April 2003).

Since this is finish things up month - an "April 03" sounded pretty good to me.

The problem(s) are as follows
1) It is too big
2) I don't like it anymore
3) There are a couple of dropped stitches.
4) Odd ball sweaters knit in this fashion really don't fit well through the upper arms.

Having said all of that - the sweater front

the back (folded in half - no clue why)

and the yarn I have left. See the problem?

Notice that I was being so careful of the handspun that I have plenty? And that little scrap left of white is all that I have.

Since this is a UFO and I want it to be something...

What do you think of turning it into something like this or this or perhaps something as funky as this?

Or perhaps Tubey (I do have lots of colours).

I would really appreciate everyone's opinion.


Sunday, March 30, 2008

Gathering the troops

I am resisting the overwhelming urge to cast something new on! April is finishing month and I am really looking forward to finishing some of these WIP/UFO's!!

Some of my projects are SO SO SO close to being finished. Today I got back my handspun sweater from my aunt who was kind enough sew on the that one is finished and I am just working on the zipper bands on my second handpun sweater and will be taking it to the taylor this week to have the zipper sewn I will be starting the month with my clap wrap, which is close to being finished as idea why I didn't finish these before. Then again it was probably by bad case of startitis this January.

Enough point is that I will be photoing the UFO's that I hope to finish this month and hope you will all cheer me on to get them done!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ta Da!

I sewed on the buttons this morning so I am officially finished. Yay!
I really liked knitting this sweater and am happy with how it turned out. I had my husband take these photos this evening. I'm afraid the second one is blurry but since the sunlight's all gone now there's no chance for a second shot. Anyway, you get the idea.

Thanks for letting me knit along. It's been fun and definitely motivating.
Although I have some new projects that I am working on for April I think I will try to complete one UFO too. I'll have to dig into my knitting trunk and see what's hiding there. Looking forward to some continued inspiration...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


It sounds like most of you are in favor of a WIP/UFO month for April...maybe we can get some things done and cast on a new project in May..just in time for my birthday!

This works out really well for me. I am catching the spring bug and feeling the need to finish up a bunch of UFOs!!

Late start

I got a late start on my sweater (I started March 16th) but I may finish by the end of the month yet!

Here's my progress so far on Stephanie Japel's top down raglan pattern...

Progress on Lucky

Lucky raglan shaping finished

The yoke is knit with my own handspun:

handspun merino-tencel

and the body with Elann Peruvian wool. I am doing yarn overs at the raglan shaping for extra interest.

Here's to hoping I can finish!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

So Impressed

I am so very impressed with all of the finishers we have had! Well done ladies!
For those who are not quite there yet...there is still time you can do it and we will be here to support you!

Thank you all so much for participating...I have really enjoyed this round! As some of you might have noticed I did not get to knit a sweater this was a combination of finishing a design for Mag knits and taking an unexpected trip. So I was wondering if anyone is interested in doing another project in April...not a sweater...I was thinking either a fingering weight/heavier weight shawl or something of your own choice?

I would love to hear what you think of going another round in April!

On the bod

At those times when you live by yourself, taking photos of a sweater on gets to be a challenge. Seems like you are limited to you, your camera and a mirror. Or you, your camera and a tripod if you have a lot of time.
In the first case, you need a sunny day. May I remind you that I am in the UK where sun seems to be at a premium right about now?

Cold weather seems to be plentiful. I really like the sweater, it spent the rest of the day on me. As it turns out, the fabric is a bit lighter than I would have thought. It certainly was comfortable underneath a blazer and my arms stayed warm!


Monday, March 24, 2008

Almost done!

That's right, Twist is all sewn up and is now blocking. The buttons are only there for effect--I will sew them on once the sweater is dry, then take a photo of the finished product (hopefully on me).

Have any of you seen the article on finishing by Veronik Avery in the Spring 2008 issue of Interweave? I highly recommend it. I have never been completely happy with my armhole seams and always dreaded this step but she has a really great method for attaching a set-in sleeve, using different stitches for the various parts of the armhole. I tried it on this sweater and am extremely pleased with the results. I just love picking up new tricks and techniques with different projects--there always seems to be something new to learn.

Real Progress!

I've really made great progress on my Mr. Greenjeans Sweater! The gauge is just right and I'm probably at about the 25% complete mark now. Here's a progress and gauge photo - I've completed an additional 12 rows (3 rounds of the cabling on the body) that's not shown in the photo.

I think I'll actually have a sweater when all is said and done! Although I probably won't make it in may become an "April" sweater - LOL!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Another Update

I am happy to report that I have now finished all the knitting for Twist. All that remains is the sewing up and blocking, which I hope to do tomorrow. I'm anxious to see it all come together and am hoping to find some really cool buttons to finish it off.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Progress update

I'll go with a quickie for today, to show you all the picture I took two days ago:

I am extremely happy with the fit so far! As you can see, I am mirroring the cables, and have omitted the k4 rib where the mirrored cables meet (center front, center back, and both sides).

Since the picture was taken, I have gone back to the larger size needles, in an attempt to make the sweater follow my curves. I've only added about an inch or two since then, so I'm not far enough yet to tell if it has the effect I was looking for.

I must say that putting the sweater on waste yarn to try it on considerably slows the knitting down. Not because it takes that long to put the stitches on waste yarn and put them back on the needles, but because once I try the sweater on, I don't want to take it off!


Thursday, March 20, 2008

When you start in denial and..

I don't have enough yarn - I currently have an unfinished shrug like sweater. Am waiting for response on someone's destash for a little more, but ... who knows. Bought the cotton blend I wanted for Mr. Greenjeans though and as soon as I get the afghan done, that one will get some time (i hope)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Still here, still slow...

I've finally managed to make it to the cable and rib rows. Don't know why, but knitting this thing seems to be somewhat akin to the Yarn Harlot taking that 14 km walk. I keep asking "Am I close?" and the answer keeps coming back "No." I can't even put up a decent excuse. It's entirely my own fault that I didn't finish the shrug for my mother before this whole thing started and it's also my fault that I haven't been dyeing fast enough to fill an order and need to deal with it now.

Everyone's FOs look great. It makes me eagerly anticipate my future success. Hehehe.

Thanks Michelle

I received my lovely prize package yesterday. It included some patterns, and some yarn. The Sweet Sheep homespun is absolutely delicious, it looks like candy! I know I'll have to lick it eventually. I think this is very very devious, now I am being FORCED to buy more.

Looking forward to seeing more finished sweaters - just over a week to go until the end of March!!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Still here, still knitting!

I'm definitely not used to blogging, and it shows! It's about time that I let you all know how are things going over here...

I've been knitting as much and as fast as I could, but it seems that it's far from being as fast as some of you could! I was amazed to see so many FOs popping up so early on in the game! Congratulations again to those who have already finished. At least, I can tell myself that it's a good thing I'm still not done, otherwise the blog would have been very quiet long before the end of the month!

I've finally finished the yoke of my Mr Greenjeans pullover, and I'm now a few inches into the rib and cable pattern. Here is the picture I have taken last week when I tried the sweater on to decide if it was time to start on the rib and cable pattern:
I'm having a hard time capturing the colour of the yarn. The sun washed it out in the picture up here, so imagine it a little darker than it shows. It is actually a bit more accurate in this picture:

I'll take a new pic of the sweater later today (as soon as my photographer is home) to show you where I am now, and I won't wait a whole week before posting that one! So stay tuned, as another update on my progress should appear soon!


Saturday, March 15, 2008

Denial is not just a river in Egypt

I know from prior experience that my tension for knitting flat and knitting in the round is different. I know from experience that I usually need to go one size up to get the same tension. I still started my sleeves on the same size I used for the body.

The tension is different. NOTICEABLY different. I have been ignoring this in the hope that I will be visited by the fairy godknitter who will wave her magic needles and make it all right.

I have to stop lying to myself. I will be entering the frog pond and starting over on the sleeves.


At least I am nearly finished with the baby blanket – all on one size needle, all in the round, no chance of messing that up.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Weekend Progress on Twist

By Sunday night I managed to complete both fronts, join them to the back at the shoulders and pick up and knit over half the hood.

But I haven't knit a stitch on this project since then, despite my best intentions. Maybe tomorrow...
Holly, your Ms. Grayjeans looks great!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Meet Ms Grayjeans

She is done. Knitted, ends woven in and properly adorned with a closure.

I, however am nowhere near as pleasant this evening which is why you are seeing her stretched out, rather than in the mirror.

Blocking is still required, but that is not going to happen till this weekend.

Rather pleased, if I do say so myself.

Started 2 March, completed 9 March 08.
Knit on 5,0 mm Inox enameled needle except for the ribbing on size 4,00. Took less than three skeins of Brunswick Impressions. The size being an extra-small with additional length in both the body and sleeves.


Sunday, March 9, 2008

FINALLY - Mr. Greenjeans is Started!

I FINALLY started Mr. Greenjeans. I've never knit a Raglan sweater nor a top down sweater, so this will be a first for me on both counts! I really didn't have a yarn in my stash (believe it or not!) that was well suited for this project. Well....I did have one, but that's earmarked for the Knitty Samus sweater.

I finally settled on a mottled brick red yarn from Aslan Trends. Its called Artesanal and is 40% cotton, 30% alpaca, and 30% polyamide. I think it will make a perfect springtime sweater. I've only knit about 21 rows so far, so no pictures yet.

Wish me luck!

Friday, March 7, 2008

The Fates....

....are definitely against me. It's so cool to see what everyone is getting accomplished and now I will confess that my sweater is hiding in my knitting basket. I got through the yoke and then the week went to heck and the sweater decided life outside the basket wasn't safe. One brave sock has sallied forth believing itself immune to the madness that reigns in our home.

My week has been: family friend passed away (he had been in a medically induced coma for about a month, so sad but not completely unexpected), DH's 13 year old former stepson moved in, and a chest infection for me, wheee! And so I think for now I'm going to the sidelines and enjoying seeing what everyone else gets done. Although, I am planning on trying to lure my sweater out of it's basket this weekend and shame it by showing it the lovely pics of other people's sweaters. Oh, and I should add that much as folks at work are saying this week would make a fab after school movie, I do feel pretty good. It's just not conducive to good concentrated knitting time.

More photos

Here's a better photo, that shows that the button bands are actually the same length, and the buttons correctly line up with the button holes. And by great serendipity, the button bands match, with the same colour stripes. I am very very pleased with this project, I love noro yarn, and this really shows it off. There are more pics on Flickr, I'll write more detail once my hands cool off.

Congratulations Janet

Wow, a sweater in 7 days...congratulations!!

I hope you enjoy and love your new sweater...your prize is in the mail next week!

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Twisted Stitches

Because I didn't have any yarn in my stash spectacular enough for Mr. Greenjeans I decided to just knit along with everybody else using a different pattern. I am knitting Twist by Bonne Marie Burns of Chic Knits in Cascade 220. I am pleasantly surprised at how quickly this is knitting up, considering that work and real life has been getting in the way of what's really important these past few days! The cable pattern is interesting but simple and quick to knit.

Just before I went to bed last night I cast off the back.

I know it doesn't look like much right now but I'm counting on it looking much better after blocking and seaming. I will have much more time for knitting in the week ahead and look forward to making more progress. I am really enjoying seeing everyone else's projects--definitely inspiring! Thanks, Michelle, for organizing and hosting this KAL.

Frogged the second sleeve

Ms Grayjeans

I am rather pleased with the ribbing detail


and the sheep watched me carefully finish up the first arm


and start on the second. And rip out the second because my brain somehow was stuck on ribbing. The sleeve has several inches of stockinette before the ribbing. Now, if this had been the first sleeve, it could have been a design element. But I really wanted the sleeves to match. Frog those four inches and move on, right?

Since someone mentioned wanting progress pix - Voila! the usual mirror picture complete with knitting needle as temp closure.



One Sleeve Done

Excuse the crappy picture. This is where I am at as of yesterday afternoon. I got a chance to work on the sleeves while my truck was being looked at, and then for about an hour before I had to get to work. Only a few stitches knit today, thanks to a parent/teacher interview this morning and then getting my truck stuck in snow in our back woods road. I had to call the auto club to get me towed out.

Off to work in a few minutes, so no finishing this thing today for certain.

Where are every body's pictures???

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Signing in and started

..Hi I'm Sharon and I am just checking in. I was having trouble with my yarn choices (just too little yardage) so I am knitting this one. I am using Blue Sky Alpacas, Dyed Cotton in colour 623, lot 0317. A nice chocolate brown/espresso. If anyone has a skein of this, I'd love a little extra yarn, just in case.
I blog at
I am unsure of how many colours I will use, but the basic sweater is what I am working right now.

Go Go Go!

Wow, everyone is making such wonderful progress! Congrats ladies!
Jayne asked what constitutes finished....finished is...well totally finished. Your sweater has to be ready to wear with no unsolved little issues or fixes needed.
Clearly, my sweater won't be there...but I am test knitting a shawl at the same time...that counts right?

Progress, frogging, progress???

I'm nearing the end of the body on the top down raglan. I still have not taken pics but will soon. Reason 1, too busy knitting, reason 2, I just had to rip out 9 rows!

I came up with the thought of adding a personal touch to the bottom, a little interest, if you will. After searching for some sort of horizontal cable, I grabbed my Fall IK and proceeded to calculate what I needed to add a tangled "yoke" (it's on the bottom of mine) to my sweater. Well, after a set up row and 8 rows in pattern, turns out I was reading it backwards and unless I want to turn my sweater inside out, (I don't) I had to rip. That's where I am at. Including this, I have 5 inches of body left.

Part of me wishes someone would finish already so I can breathe!!! J/k, sort of.

Jayne's Progress

Hi there

Amazing progress from everybody (despite what you may think), and wonderful colour choices. I can’t wait to see all the finished projects being modelled by the proud owners.

I am charging along with my blue version of Mr Greenjeans. This is not because I am an incredibly fast knitter, it is just because I had a whole weekend where I knit as much as I possibly could. I also had Monday off and squeezed in a bit extra there. Now that I am back at work full day things have slowed down but I have still managed to finish the body. I did make it a bit longer than the pattern stated, mainly because I’m quite tall and otherwise it looks TOO short. I was going to post a photo but I can’t find the cable. The cabled ribbing is a bit tight (I used the size smaller needle as directed)) but I’m sure it will be fine once it is blocked.

Now I just need to do the sleeves, the button (singular) band, sew in all the ends, and block it.

BTW – what classes as “Finished”? All knitting done, fully assembled OR All knitting done, fully assembled, ends sewn in, button sewn on, and blocked?

First to Fail?

Is there a prize for first to fail? I was planning the top down raglan. Then I couldn't figure out which yarn I wanted to use. Then I was planning on casting on for a different sweater, so I could knit along and still be inspired by you crazy knitters.

Now, it is March 5...and I haven't knit a stitch. So I concede...I am the first to fail to even cast on. Here is my excuse: I have been bitten by the spinning bug. See my blog for more details.

Handspun so far

Good luck to everyone!! May the best knitter win!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Changing Cables?

The other "Greenjeans" knitters.....

I am about to start the body cable and rib portion. I noticed that all the cables go the same way, all the way around the body.

What do you think about changing the direction of 1/2 of them so that the cable direction is mirrored in the front? I would do the same on the sleeves, creating a right and left sleeve.

Am I going too far or would the sweater look a bit more balanced?


Progress Report

Like I said before, I'm knitting the top down raglan by Stephanie Japel. I am using Noro Silk Garden, on 4.5mm needles, and 3.5mm for the neckband and later for the cuffs and button band. This sweater is flying! I started knitting only yesterday at lunch time, because I was feeling intimidated by the new technique of top down and raglan, but honestly,
holy cow is it ever easy. I had to do a swatch because the pattern is 'quick and dirty' with no gauge hints so it's adaptable to any yarn weight. Admittedly I don't usually do swatches if I can get away with it. LOL

I'm aiming to make my sweater more fitted than not. I may even have enough yarn for a little tank top to go with it. Time will tell.

Monday, March 3, 2008

I feel slow...

My Mr. Greenjeans isn't even to the dividing row yet... I feel snail-y, and all I can think about at work is how I can get out of there faster so I can knit my sweater!

I'm using Malabrigo which is a yummy shade of purple. It feels a little thick and stiff even though I am using larger needles, but hopefully that'll come out in the blocking.

Is there anyone sweater mad enough to knit three sweaters this month? I would do it, but I'm not fast enough!

Top Down Raglan Progress

I chose the Top Down Raglan cardi for my March Sweater and it's coming along at rapid paces! I didn't have yarn in my stash but found some beautiful pink (Cherry Blossom) Cascade 220 at my LYS and couldn't be happier. I'm adding some of my own changes to the pattern and am so excited that I can hardly put it down. I calculated about 54 rows of the body left and then the sleeves. This is probably the fastest I've knit anything other than a hat or baby item! I'll post pics soon, just haven't taken the time out of knitting to take them.

This blog is so fantastic, it's exciting to have a goal of knitting a sweater in a month and to share with everyone else on the blog. My sweater is going quick yet I'm not holding my breath on being the first done...although it would be SWEET!

Happy knitting!

Promises, promises

It's interesting reading everyone doing Mr. Greenjeans....and I have to admit I was very tempted. But I made a promise to myself that I was only allowed to participate if I knitted out of stash. And there was nothing in my stash that was just right for dear Mr. Greenjeans. However, I have started option #1, the top down raglan from cosmicpluto knits and it is so much fun in my red manos del uruguay! I'm not as far as some of you, but I'll blame working Saturday and spending a chunk of Sunday at the gym (with knitting in my gym bag just in case). One hour until lunch break and then by the end of it I should be done the yoke :)

Blogging my cardigan

I decided to make the Stephanie Japel cardigan, for a couple of reasons. I just finished my Mr. Greenjeans, (which I LOVED knitting). I am always looking for a cardigan that takes minimal amounts of yarn to use stuff from my stash. And, I want to learn how to steek, this seemed like a nice opportunity to be really really brave and try it.

I had some Tahki Donegal Tweed all ready to go. But when it came down to it, I really wanted a dressier cardigan, with some cabling, out of that yarn. So I went out and bought some Kureyon. The added advantage, of course, is that the whole point of steeks is to keep the striped uniform across the front of the sweater.

I am loving the pattern, which is not as pattern so much as a method. I cast on as many stitches as I thought I would like, ribbed until I liked the depth of the "collar", knit until I thought it was enough for the yoke, and so on.

I'm making a couple of modifications to the instructions, I am adding a few cast on stitches on the underarm, which I will pick up and knit when I get to the sleeves. I'm doing some waist shaping. And, the pattern has sleeves knit separately, then grafted together with the body. That seemed to be a hugely unnecessary effort, and then reading the pattern again, I noticed that she does have the option to just put the sleeve stitches back on needles and knit down.

I am doing well on the basic knitting. It's the steeking and button band that intimidates me.

Also Mr. Greenjeans

Well, looks like I'm in for the madness, although maybe I should call my sweater Mr. Orangepants since I decided to use the orange Jaeger Shetland that has been sitting in my stash. I only started on Sunday so am about halfway through the yoke but I am really liking the look so far. I really wish I could take a day off from work this week to work on the sweater but that probably won't happen.

Thanks to Michelle for getting this together. It'll be fun!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Ms shades of gray jeans?

It seemed like such a good idea that I also chose Mr Greenjeans It is nice and doesn't do much for a button band. Since I never seem to button anything, it would be a waste to spend all that time fussing around.

And what is absolutely the best, I was able to pull some yarn off the shelf. The yarn has been resting since ~1995. Brunswick's Impressions in colourway New York. It is a barely spun singles and makes a lovely, light weight fabric. I had tried it once doubled to make Bebenhausen (sweater in Knitters a long time ago) and did not like the look. But this seems to be perfect.


And yes, the needle is pink. Enameled pink Inox that I bought in Switzerland over 20 years ago. I only regret not getting all of the sizes and lengths since I haven't seen them in over a decade.


I am stopping at the end of the yoke and will divide out the sections when I start up tomorrow.


Tomorrow it is off to two passport offices, credentials at two hospitals, the mailroom and a clinic in the afternoon. Oh, and the PX to look for a couple of birthday presents... Gee, it is all going to get in the way of my knitting!


Just wondering...

I personaly know that I will not be the first finished, I have NO delusion about it. I just have one question, as this is my first speedish kal, has anybody else forgone a few hrs of sleep to knit more, or am I the only one? lol Just finished the divinding of the stitches (would have been done last night/this morning, but a forgoton YO caused some frogging). Working in a Ornaghi(Ornaghifilati) 65% Acrylic, 25% wool 10 Mohair. Will be lovely and light and fuzzy, but I really hope I never have to rip any more back.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Day 1 Progress

Hi Everybody

I am knitting “Mr Greenjeans” in Knit Picks Wool of the Andes – colour “Stream”. I am tempering my guilt at starting yet another project with the thought that I am using stuff from my stash. This is also something that I will use – I wear a lot of tank tops but have very few casual cardigans to toss on if the weather is a little chilly.

Day 1 of knitting has brought me to just below the armholes. I will see about posting a pic once I get to the “Try on for size” length.

So far knitting has gone smoothly. The only change I can think of is not switching to a smaller needle for the cable edge – I don’t usually do “girly” but I think that I’ll give it a go for a change.


Time zone note - it is now almost 8 am on Sunday 1 March where I live. I'm going to leave the post time at the blog default to avoid post confusion.

I'm in!

Hi all!

I have finally decided to join in the fun! Thanks to Michelle for encouraging me, for the great pattern selection, and also for hosting the party!

This March Sweater Madness is going to be a challenge for me, in more ways than one:
- I have never blogged, so I'll have to remember to take pictures along the way, and I'll also have to get used to thinking up blog posts to share my progress with you
- This is going to be my first "real" sweater (I have started Jane, but it has a very unusual construction and I am still at the back, which is basically a stockinette rectangle, so it isn't of much help in getting a good understanding of - and some experience with - more regular sweater constructions)
- For this first sweater, I intend on knitting a highly modified version of Mr. Greenjeans: I like the pattern, but I don't feel like knitting a cardigan right now, so I'm going to turn it into a pullover. I must say that I have found this version of it (first seen on Ravelry) very inspiring! I think I also want it to be a turtleneck, and I'll definitely make the sleeves longer. If anyone here has any tips or tricks to share regarding these modifications, I'd really appreciate it!
- I'm not the fastest knitter out there, and am quite busy these days (I'm selling my house and looking for a new one, among other things...), but let's see if I can manage to modify the pattern and knit this sweater before the end of the month!

I am using O-Wool Classic in a beautiful brick red. While my swatch is drying, I will start rewriting the pattern and will wind the yarn, so that I'll be ready to start knitting for real tomorrow morning!

I am looking forward to getting to know you all, and to seeing your progress!