Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Still here, still slow...

I've finally managed to make it to the cable and rib rows. Don't know why, but knitting this thing seems to be somewhat akin to the Yarn Harlot taking that 14 km walk. I keep asking "Am I close?" and the answer keeps coming back "No." I can't even put up a decent excuse. It's entirely my own fault that I didn't finish the shrug for my mother before this whole thing started and it's also my fault that I haven't been dyeing fast enough to fill an order and need to deal with it now.

Everyone's FOs look great. It makes me eagerly anticipate my future success. Hehehe.


Michelle said...

Keep will be done before you know it!

Holly said...

You are going to finish. Really, trust us.

Besides, you don't want to carry it over to another month!