Friday, May 3, 2013

Just a Little Update

April disappeared in a blur.  At least it certainly did for me.  My sweater still isn't finished.  It got washed and blocked.  And I wasn't happy how the lines of crochet looked on the steeked edged so the sweater is currently in time out.  The crochet need to be removed and redone, considerably tighter, the edges are smooth and don't look like they're being stretched.  I know this needs to be done but I've been avoiding it.  I know the zipper can't go in until the edge is fixed to my satisfaction.  It will get done, eventually, when I'm good and ready to deal with it. 

In happier news, I finally sent the prize out to Dorothy.  Apparently taking the box to the post office was too taxing for my memory.  Geez.
I bet you want to see what I sent.  This:

I hope that's incentive enough to do this again next year!
Have a great May and happy knitting!