Friday, July 27, 2007

Since we are showing red -


Done. Finished. Grafted the toes, wove in ends, and trimmed off any extra. Without further ado - Front and Back of Heart-a-Palooza. Purposely, there is a definite Right and Left.


My Pal's feet are shorter than mine, and a bit wider, so they don't fit me properly. (Which is good - grin). But I like the look and the feel. I did Balbriggan Heels and made up a toe. They are squishy, comfortable, and not too shabby.


Supersock in Cherry, 100% superwash merino with a lovely hand and great twist. The fronts are patterned, as is the heel. The backs and soles are done in ribbing to adapt to a wide variety of leg and foot shapes.

Now - back to Chicken WireDrops Cable.

I'm knitting too

I also am knitting these socks with my Sweet Socks in Vampire. I haven't had much trouble with splitting on the yarn though. I started out using wooden needles (my usual preference for DPNs), but they and the bamboo needles were just too sticky. I finally switched over to metal DPNs with a nice sharp end and it's knitting up more quickly and smoothly. I really like this yarn a lot, actually.

I'm knitting the pattern as written except I have really short legs and don't like socks to hit mid-calf, so I shortened the leg and started my decreases earlier. Otherwise, knit exactly as written and no problems so far. I was afraid it was too small because my gauge is tighter than the pattern calls for, but I put it on a string and tried it on and it fits great. I just finished the heel and am now starting the straight foot portion. Here's a picture of the heel:

Here's the back of the leg:

and here's the front of the leg:

Thursday, July 26, 2007

More Fencing

The cable going down the back was split and moved out one stitch on each side every four rows on the heel flap. At the same time, I decreased the other cable to a 2x2 so that I could have a cable on each side.

Anyone else knitting this pattern??????

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Chicken Wire!

I love it. Seriously, it is fun. Started it on the train today. This is about 90 minutes worth.

The front -

And the back -

you can see the cable change in the back.

The yarn is Sweet Sheep from Michelle in Vampire (Close your ears Michelle). I adore the colour, but the yarn quality is not as great as I would like. The plys are not well twisted together and it splits easily.

If anyone wants more details, just leave a comment


Drops Alterations

You all know me by now.

Knitting a pattern just as written? Not likely going to happen.

The yarn I am using is Sweet Socks in Vampire. Project spectrum yarn.

Looking at the pattern, I decided that I really did not want it high enough to need to do calf alterations. And I don't want 72-80+ stitches.

I normally knit 56-60 for me. So 64 sounded good to give a little for the cabling.
And the choice for the cable on the back was to designate L and R (using M1 and M3) or change the cable.

After the ribbing - I divided the stitches as follows - Needle 1 - instep - 26 sitches (middel 26 of the 30) Needle two 15 stitches (two from the front, the cable and 9p) Needle 3 - 23 stitches - 8 for the back cable, 9P, 6 for the side cable and 2P)

26+15+23= yep, 64.

I changed the back cable to an 8 stitch cable and decreased the number of purls between the side sections and the back cable.

I will take a picture when I have a few more rows knit and post it. (90 minutes on the train tonight ought to do it)


Monday, July 23, 2007

Knitting, frogging and reading

I managed to download and print the Drops pattern today.

I am here, with my sockapaloozas (which is almost done with the foot patterning - just with toes to go):

And here with the Kauni (which is body and all steeks done, knitting down the first arm):

I made the mistake of starting Florenz from the SKL. I don't really like the pattern, but since they are on the needles, I am contemplating finishing them before the Drops pattern. I no longer have any UFO socks or orphans and I really don't want to go there again.

OTOH, I like the Drops pattern....


Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Apparently I am not the fastest bunny in the woods because it took me much too long to figure out the main part of the pattern. Duh.

I am knitting both socks at the same time do to the fact that I don't have full balls of the alpaca in any one colour. I will be winging it and hope they turn out nice.

So, to possibly save some of you time figuring it out (although I am certain you ladies are much quicker than I), once I got through the knit one row and purl one row, I couldn't figure out what the heck the M1, M2, and M3 were. Double duh. Simply, they refer to the charts! Triple duh.

Clear as mud.

Has anyone else started their socks yet? Did you visit Holly and check out her beautiful Kauni??

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Thanks for letting me join in! I'm excited to knit these lovely cabled socks with everyone! I have started - I'm knitting them with some of my Sweet Socks yarn. I just started the cables though, so there isn't much to see yet. I'll post a picture after I've got something to show.


Apparently Blogger is against my posting of pictures today.

I have the materials assembled; Drops Alpaca (100% pure alpaca) in three colours, and since I am a rebel, I will be knitting the Drops Cabled Alpacas on 2.25mm instead of the 2mm dpns. Yes, I do realize I am asking for trouble. Maybe not. The label recommends 2.5-3.5mm needles so that should work out ok. I hate tight socks.

Let the cast on begin.

Anyone else start their socks yet???

This is the link to the pattern:

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Not Started Quite Yet

Hi Ladies. I will probably be another week before I can start my socks.

I do have a good reason. For the past two weeks we've been preparing the house for sale. It's well over a century old and required quite a bit of cosmetic work, plus a new front porch to make it appealing to prospective buyers. I am exhausted. I've been sneaking knitting in at rest periods or as a de-stressor activity. Tomorrow the real estate broker visits to take photos and let us sign the agreement to sell and aside from a few small things left to do, I'll finally be able to knit for real.

And yes, the link to the pattern is before the picture in an earlier post.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


We are doing the drops pattern. I think there is a link below...I will check on it and get back.
Renee is going to join us!

Monday, July 2, 2007


Well - are we going to knit something or do UFOs?

Anyone have the URL for that sock pattern?

And, if you want to see my socks (not that I am recruiting or anything), I just spent a few hours updating this years socks web page. It is too many. Kauni is on my list after July (right after I finish up Sockapalooza).