Wednesday, February 28, 2007

1 more sleep!

One more sleep to the big kick off!
I was going to show you the prize pack but seem to have lost the photo! Duh!
I will re take it and then show it off.....Get your needles ready!

Hard to choose...

I didn't take photos yet, but I am contemplating Cascade 220 (either burgundy or black), Noro Kureyon (I have a few stash options) or the absolutely gorgeous Shelridge Farms in Pumpkin Pie I just received from our hostesses shop. Yummy!

OK, so I like to have options.....

I know I won't be able to decide until I've selected the pattern, but I'll post the chosen yarn later.

Hey Michelle - when do you think you'll have the patterns revealed?????? 12:01 am?


Saturday, February 24, 2007

Holly's Flash.

I special ordered Holly's yarns so here is a sort of flash.
She has the Shelridge Farms in Misty blue...but a close second is this Wedgewood blue...use your imaginations...I am sure she will flash it when she gets it.

It is a bit more of a lighter blue.

Holly is knitting the March Sweater Madness Sweater (is that redundant?) for her daughter.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Flash your Yarn!!

Ok everyone, Let's see what everyone has decided on for yarn!
Take a quick picture and flash us with your chosen yarn.
If you are waiting to see the pattern first, then flash us with your potential yarns!
I will be using this yarn:

Shelridge farms worsted weight in Pink Lemonaide!
I have wanted to use this yarn for some time and figured this was
I have showed you show me yours!!

Monday, February 19, 2007


Hi Ladies,
I am slowly compiling the Grand Prize! It is close to finished but not quite there yet.
There are yarns from the store, a few gems from my personal stash, some SOAK and a skein of Socks That Rock!
Yes you heard right! Now...I know...I don't sell STR, but...who doesn't love I threw a token skein was the only I could spare from my stash!
Does everyone have their yarn picked out??!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Recycled Yarn of Mystery.

Well I fell in love with the colours! at 25 dollars a scarf tho there was no way I was going to recyle them but at $2.50?! Oh yeah! The teal/lime and turquoise is going to be for mum and the orange and purple for me. The problem is that I have no idea how many yards I have of each yarn. The 2 balls in back are the biggest my ball winder can do but the yarn up there represents the amount I got from one scarf of each colour, so I should be good. At 7 scarves of the pinks and 10 of the blues, i really hope so! The guage swatching will be done on a 4 hour drive on Wednesday.
(As you can see I am still trying to get a handle of my ball winder ;>)

Saturday, February 10, 2007


Ok Ladies I have chosen 2 patterns so that there should be something for everyone.

the patterns will be revealed on March 1st, but here is what I can tell you about them.

Pattern 1: A more modern baggy wear sweater

Gauge is 20sts/24 rows on size 8/5mm circ needles 24 inch cord..also can be knit flat

Small takes 1386 yds of wool XL takes 2860 yds has options for larger sizes...please email me for yardage.

Pattern 2:A basic sweater

Gauge is 20sts/25 rows on size 6/ 4mm needles flat

Small takes 1100 yds of wool XL takes 1980 also has options for larger sizes.

I am really looking forward to this contest...working on the swag bag and it is going to be pretty great!

Thursday, February 8, 2007



Knitting has been a bit slow or non existant these last few months, largely due to being too busy. I have decided that March is the month I will finally cast on a new sweater AND FINISH IT!

In order to keep myself on track I will be running the MARCH SWEATER MADNESS contest. Want to Join Me??

I will carefully select a sweater that has a FREE pattern on the internet. All knitters will have time to be armed and ready to go by March 1st.

On March 1st we will all CAST ON and it will be a race to the finish! The Knitter who is first will win an amazing swag package from The Sweet Sheep!

I know for sure the pattern will be in worsted weight as I am planning on making my sweater out of the Shelridge worsted that has been staring at me for MONTHS!

Let’s knit a sweater before spring slaps us on the butt!

I will be searching for patterns over the next few days…suggestions welcome! The pattern will be a surprise until March 1st, but gauge and yardage required will be given out next week so you can rifle through your stash or buy that yarn you have been coveting.

You DO NOT have to buy yarn from my store to participate…however if there is a colour of shelridge farms that you would like…that I do not have in stock, please let me know and I will order it in for you as I have to order mine too!

I will be happy to start up a blog where participants can have their say….is there someone willing to make a button!?!

At The Sweet Sheep it has been socks all the time…and I certainly cannot say that I will be changing that, but sweaters need their month…and that month is MARCH….WHO’S WITH ME?