Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Not Started Quite Yet

Hi Ladies. I will probably be another week before I can start my socks.

I do have a good reason. For the past two weeks we've been preparing the house for sale. It's well over a century old and required quite a bit of cosmetic work, plus a new front porch to make it appealing to prospective buyers. I am exhausted. I've been sneaking knitting in at rest periods or as a de-stressor activity. Tomorrow the real estate broker visits to take photos and let us sign the agreement to sell and aside from a few small things left to do, I'll finally be able to knit for real.

And yes, the link to the pattern is before the picture in an earlier post.


Holly said...

It is going to be at least the same, I want to get the Sockapalooza pair done first.
Kauni is so incedious, and just sucks me in. Mindless knitting that is lots of fun.

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Have you knit with Drops Alpaca before? I have some partial skeins that I was considering using up, letting the socks stripe, but I can't decide if that will turn out ok. I got the alpaca off ebay but I wonder if the socks will stay up or the alpaca is too drapey, eventhough it is the recommended yarn.