Sunday, July 8, 2007


Apparently Blogger is against my posting of pictures today.

I have the materials assembled; Drops Alpaca (100% pure alpaca) in three colours, and since I am a rebel, I will be knitting the Drops Cabled Alpacas on 2.25mm instead of the 2mm dpns. Yes, I do realize I am asking for trouble. Maybe not. The label recommends 2.5-3.5mm needles so that should work out ok. I hate tight socks.

Let the cast on begin.

Anyone else start their socks yet???

This is the link to the pattern:

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Holly said...

Thanks for the link.

I am just past starting the armhole steeks on my Kauni and have to finish up sockapalooza. There is one more thing on the needles, but I should be able to start them this coming weekend.

And might just go get another couple of fine cable needles....I just love using bent paperclips as a back up....