Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Chicken Wire!

I love it. Seriously, it is fun. Started it on the train today. This is about 90 minutes worth.

The front -

And the back -

you can see the cable change in the back.

The yarn is Sweet Sheep from Michelle in Vampire (Close your ears Michelle). I adore the colour, but the yarn quality is not as great as I would like. The plys are not well twisted together and it splits easily.

If anyone wants more details, just leave a comment



Michelle said...

You know what...I have to agree with you. I am actually in the process of seeking out new base yarns that are affordable. I do appreciate your feedback and am happy you like the colour.

Holly said...

Your dyeing is wonderful, the base yarn is not worthy!

Michelle said...

lol thanks Holly! I have a few options but they are so darned expensive!