Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Drops Alterations

You all know me by now.

Knitting a pattern just as written? Not likely going to happen.

The yarn I am using is Sweet Socks in Vampire. Project spectrum yarn.

Looking at the pattern, I decided that I really did not want it high enough to need to do calf alterations. And I don't want 72-80+ stitches.

I normally knit 56-60 for me. So 64 sounded good to give a little for the cabling.
And the choice for the cable on the back was to designate L and R (using M1 and M3) or change the cable.

After the ribbing - I divided the stitches as follows - Needle 1 - instep - 26 sitches (middel 26 of the 30) Needle two 15 stitches (two from the front, the cable and 9p) Needle 3 - 23 stitches - 8 for the back cable, 9P, 6 for the side cable and 2P)

26+15+23= yep, 64.

I changed the back cable to an 8 stitch cable and decreased the number of purls between the side sections and the back cable.

I will take a picture when I have a few more rows knit and post it. (90 minutes on the train tonight ought to do it)


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