Friday, July 27, 2007

Since we are showing red -


Done. Finished. Grafted the toes, wove in ends, and trimmed off any extra. Without further ado - Front and Back of Heart-a-Palooza. Purposely, there is a definite Right and Left.


My Pal's feet are shorter than mine, and a bit wider, so they don't fit me properly. (Which is good - grin). But I like the look and the feel. I did Balbriggan Heels and made up a toe. They are squishy, comfortable, and not too shabby.


Supersock in Cherry, 100% superwash merino with a lovely hand and great twist. The fronts are patterned, as is the heel. The backs and soles are done in ribbing to adapt to a wide variety of leg and foot shapes.

Now - back to Chicken WireDrops Cable.

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