Friday, July 27, 2007

I'm knitting too

I also am knitting these socks with my Sweet Socks in Vampire. I haven't had much trouble with splitting on the yarn though. I started out using wooden needles (my usual preference for DPNs), but they and the bamboo needles were just too sticky. I finally switched over to metal DPNs with a nice sharp end and it's knitting up more quickly and smoothly. I really like this yarn a lot, actually.

I'm knitting the pattern as written except I have really short legs and don't like socks to hit mid-calf, so I shortened the leg and started my decreases earlier. Otherwise, knit exactly as written and no problems so far. I was afraid it was too small because my gauge is tighter than the pattern calls for, but I put it on a string and tried it on and it fits great. I just finished the heel and am now starting the straight foot portion. Here's a picture of the heel:

Here's the back of the leg:

and here's the front of the leg:

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Michelle said...

These look great...I guess the vampire colourway was a big hit.