Saturday, March 1, 2008

Day 1 Progress

Hi Everybody

I am knitting “Mr Greenjeans” in Knit Picks Wool of the Andes – colour “Stream”. I am tempering my guilt at starting yet another project with the thought that I am using stuff from my stash. This is also something that I will use – I wear a lot of tank tops but have very few casual cardigans to toss on if the weather is a little chilly.

Day 1 of knitting has brought me to just below the armholes. I will see about posting a pic once I get to the “Try on for size” length.

So far knitting has gone smoothly. The only change I can think of is not switching to a smaller needle for the cable edge – I don’t usually do “girly” but I think that I’ll give it a go for a change.


Time zone note - it is now almost 8 am on Sunday 1 March where I live. I'm going to leave the post time at the blog default to avoid post confusion.


Michelle said...

wow great progress!

Holly said...

Jayne -

I am joining you on the Mr Green Jeans - it looks like a sweater that I can use, and it is not like I am going to have any problems finding worsted wool in my stash!

Which means I need to go and find some yarn - having just finished my SKP2008 socks this morning and another pair. I am now at 50/52 (on the 52 pair plunge)


Jinxsa said...

I got halfway throught the yoke twice yesterday and had to frog it all back. I couldn't sleep lastnight so I am almost to the armholes. I am thinking of doing Greenjeans as a pullover as well. I am heading to Calgary on Wenesday and may actually meet the designer so I definitely want to have it finished by then.

yarn whisperer said...

wow, looks like you will be the winner here. I am also doing Mr Greenjeans but only got about 3-4 inches done last night. I'm using Cascade Yarns, the Heathers in a pretty pale green shade.
good luck to you.