Monday, March 31, 2008

I have this sweater

which was started, shall we say, a significant number of years ago. I believe it was before I deployed to Kuwait (so that would place it prior to April 2003).

Since this is finish things up month - an "April 03" sounded pretty good to me.

The problem(s) are as follows
1) It is too big
2) I don't like it anymore
3) There are a couple of dropped stitches.
4) Odd ball sweaters knit in this fashion really don't fit well through the upper arms.

Having said all of that - the sweater front

the back (folded in half - no clue why)

and the yarn I have left. See the problem?

Notice that I was being so careful of the handspun that I have plenty? And that little scrap left of white is all that I have.

Since this is a UFO and I want it to be something...

What do you think of turning it into something like this or this or perhaps something as funky as this?

Or perhaps Tubey (I do have lots of colours).

I would really appreciate everyone's opinion.



Janet said...

Yes, I can see the problem! I would definitely turn it into something else. I like the sweater a lot, but I'm not the one it has to fit, and I'm not the one who has to wear it. It's really lovely, though!

I thought I liked Cathode best, until I saw Tubey. Love that pattern! It would really show off the wonderful colours of your assorted yarns.

Michelle said...

I agree with Janet and vote for tubey as is certainly time for it to be something else! Plus having seen you in a few sweaters I think tubey would suit you well!

Julie said...

I too agree on tubey although Cathode looks hot too. Great UFO project for April.

Holly said...

thanks - I was leaning the most toward tubey.

I sort of like the sweater, but it is about 8" too big around and it is not a sweater that lends itself to just being cut down.

If it looked better, I would gift it to someone.

Now, I should go get some dark yarn? or make this a real proper fixer upper and stay with the white.

Maybe more stripes on the sleeves?

Knitsnpurls said...

Like Janet, I liked Cathode the best until I saw Tubey. It seems to be unanimous. I do like Tubey with the dark yarn but it would also look nice with white. I guess you're going to have to decide!

I think tomorrow I will go through my trunk and decide on my UFO project. And if I can ever get the camera from dh (he's been documenting a project at work) I will take a picture of it.

sharon said...

Tubey is the best for all the colours - Cathode won't showcase them quite so much. definitely do not finish the other...

Josiane said...

I've always loved Tubey - can't wait to see yours! There are quite a few light-colored ones on Ravelry; I'm sure yours would look great in white, especially if you do as many stripes as needed to properly showcase that lovely handspun!