Sunday, March 30, 2008

Gathering the troops

I am resisting the overwhelming urge to cast something new on! April is finishing month and I am really looking forward to finishing some of these WIP/UFO's!!

Some of my projects are SO SO SO close to being finished. Today I got back my handspun sweater from my aunt who was kind enough sew on the that one is finished and I am just working on the zipper bands on my second handpun sweater and will be taking it to the taylor this week to have the zipper sewn I will be starting the month with my clap wrap, which is close to being finished as idea why I didn't finish these before. Then again it was probably by bad case of startitis this January.

Enough point is that I will be photoing the UFO's that I hope to finish this month and hope you will all cheer me on to get them done!


Josiane said...

Don't worry, I'll be here to cheer you on! I can't wait to see the pictures of your finished handspun sweaters!

sharon said...

I made a list on my blog of my UFO/WIPs and I sense a lot of seaming - can I send them to your aunt for that?
frogging is also on the horizon.
I want to see a finished handspun sweater too!!

Janet said...

Ok, if it's confession time, I'll photo mine as well. They include several (a few?) tops made with Handmaiden Seasilk that just need seaming. I should just finish those, right? And then I have a cardigan currently on the needles that I will try to finish this month as well.