Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Still here, still knitting!

I'm definitely not used to blogging, and it shows! It's about time that I let you all know how are things going over here...

I've been knitting as much and as fast as I could, but it seems that it's far from being as fast as some of you could! I was amazed to see so many FOs popping up so early on in the game! Congratulations again to those who have already finished. At least, I can tell myself that it's a good thing I'm still not done, otherwise the blog would have been very quiet long before the end of the month!

I've finally finished the yoke of my Mr Greenjeans pullover, and I'm now a few inches into the rib and cable pattern. Here is the picture I have taken last week when I tried the sweater on to decide if it was time to start on the rib and cable pattern:
I'm having a hard time capturing the colour of the yarn. The sun washed it out in the picture up here, so imagine it a little darker than it shows. It is actually a bit more accurate in this picture:

I'll take a new pic of the sweater later today (as soon as my photographer is home) to show you where I am now, and I won't wait a whole week before posting that one! So stay tuned, as another update on my progress should appear soon!



Knitsnpurls said...

Love that colour! Keep up the good work. I still have two sleeves and the sewing up to do on my sweater so you have some company!

Holly said...

I looks really good, both in colour and in fit.
A few of us just knit ours right away, putting a lot of other things aside.
You are taking a more normal approach. Either way, you are going to have a lovely sweater when you are done!