Monday, March 24, 2008

Real Progress!

I've really made great progress on my Mr. Greenjeans Sweater! The gauge is just right and I'm probably at about the 25% complete mark now. Here's a progress and gauge photo - I've completed an additional 12 rows (3 rounds of the cabling on the body) that's not shown in the photo.

I think I'll actually have a sweater when all is said and done! Although I probably won't make it in may become an "April" sweater - LOL!


Josiane said...

It looks great!

Knitsnpurls said...

It's coming along great. And there's still a week left in March!

Jayne said...

That looks WONDERFUL! Don't worry about being the last to finish - right now I think that will probably be me. I did the cabling at the bottom of my first sleeve differently and liked it so much that I ripped out the cabled part of the body.

Shall we race each other for last place?