Tuesday, March 25, 2008

On the bod

At those times when you live by yourself, taking photos of a sweater on gets to be a challenge. Seems like you are limited to you, your camera and a mirror. Or you, your camera and a tripod if you have a lot of time.
In the first case, you need a sunny day. May I remind you that I am in the UK where sun seems to be at a premium right about now?

Cold weather seems to be plentiful. I really like the sweater, it spent the rest of the day on me. As it turns out, the fabric is a bit lighter than I would have thought. It certainly was comfortable underneath a blazer and my arms stayed warm!



Michelle said...

Looks wonderful Holly!!
I often have to take my own pictures too...the bathroom mirror gets cleaned more than any other mirror here!

Josiane said...

It fits you perfectly, and really looks great on you! I can't wait to be able to wear mine too!

Knitsnpurls said...

Love your sweater, Holly. Looks great!