Tuesday, March 25, 2008

So Impressed

I am so very impressed with all of the finishers we have had! Well done ladies!
For those who are not quite there yet...there is still time you can do it and we will be here to support you!

Thank you all so much for participating...I have really enjoyed this round! As some of you might have noticed I did not get to knit a sweater this year...it was a combination of finishing a design for Mag knits and taking an unexpected trip. So I was wondering if anyone is interested in doing another project in April...not a sweater...I was thinking either a fingering weight/heavier weight shawl or something of your own choice?

I would love to hear what you think of going another round in April!


Josiane said...

Well, I for one will most certainly be finishing my sweater in April, so I'll still be around here, working on that project!

Holly said...

I am designating April as WIP month. And if I finish with the WIPs, then I can start on the UFOs.

But any of those could become my sweater for the month.

The one thing I am not doing in April (other than SockMadness) is knitting any socks. Vest on the airplane anyone?

Julie said...

My poor sweater has been patiently waiting for sleeves, that's it. Poor thing. Trying to get a project done and then I will finish.

This was fun though so another month of racing to finish is fine by me!

Janet said...

I was thinking of WIP month as well. And some of the WIP's are SOOO close to finishing, it's a shame they're not done yet. But that doesn't mean I won't also start something new. I just bought yarn for the Jeanie shawl, it takes 3 skeins of Smooshy. I saw one "in person" last week, and it's really impressive.


Ani said...

I'm deluding myself that I'll finish my sweater in the month of March. So along those lines, I'm up for a project in April. My next planned project is Sivia Harding's new Norwegian Shawl anyways, so it fits.