Sunday, March 2, 2008

Ms shades of gray jeans?

It seemed like such a good idea that I also chose Mr Greenjeans It is nice and doesn't do much for a button band. Since I never seem to button anything, it would be a waste to spend all that time fussing around.

And what is absolutely the best, I was able to pull some yarn off the shelf. The yarn has been resting since ~1995. Brunswick's Impressions in colourway New York. It is a barely spun singles and makes a lovely, light weight fabric. I had tried it once doubled to make Bebenhausen (sweater in Knitters a long time ago) and did not like the look. But this seems to be perfect.


And yes, the needle is pink. Enameled pink Inox that I bought in Switzerland over 20 years ago. I only regret not getting all of the sizes and lengths since I haven't seen them in over a decade.


I am stopping at the end of the yoke and will divide out the sections when I start up tomorrow.


Tomorrow it is off to two passport offices, credentials at two hospitals, the mailroom and a clinic in the afternoon. Oh, and the PX to look for a couple of birthday presents... Gee, it is all going to get in the way of my knitting!


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