Monday, March 3, 2008

Promises, promises

It's interesting reading everyone doing Mr. Greenjeans....and I have to admit I was very tempted. But I made a promise to myself that I was only allowed to participate if I knitted out of stash. And there was nothing in my stash that was just right for dear Mr. Greenjeans. However, I have started option #1, the top down raglan from cosmicpluto knits and it is so much fun in my red manos del uruguay! I'm not as far as some of you, but I'll blame working Saturday and spending a chunk of Sunday at the gym (with knitting in my gym bag just in case). One hour until lunch break and then by the end of it I should be done the yoke :)


Holly said...

progress is good, and knitting from stash is even better. I had looked at the one you are knitting, but couldn't figure out where I had stashed (ouch) the right yarn!

littlelib said...

That's because yarn hides. The right yarn was probably in some kind of a funk b/c you hadn't used it yet and possibly made it some promises when it first came home. It'll come out soon, just find a way to remind it how fond you are of it.