Monday, March 3, 2008

Blogging my cardigan

I decided to make the Stephanie Japel cardigan, for a couple of reasons. I just finished my Mr. Greenjeans, (which I LOVED knitting). I am always looking for a cardigan that takes minimal amounts of yarn to use stuff from my stash. And, I want to learn how to steek, this seemed like a nice opportunity to be really really brave and try it.

I had some Tahki Donegal Tweed all ready to go. But when it came down to it, I really wanted a dressier cardigan, with some cabling, out of that yarn. So I went out and bought some Kureyon. The added advantage, of course, is that the whole point of steeks is to keep the striped uniform across the front of the sweater.

I am loving the pattern, which is not as pattern so much as a method. I cast on as many stitches as I thought I would like, ribbed until I liked the depth of the "collar", knit until I thought it was enough for the yoke, and so on.

I'm making a couple of modifications to the instructions, I am adding a few cast on stitches on the underarm, which I will pick up and knit when I get to the sleeves. I'm doing some waist shaping. And, the pattern has sleeves knit separately, then grafted together with the body. That seemed to be a hugely unnecessary effort, and then reading the pattern again, I noticed that she does have the option to just put the sleeve stitches back on needles and knit down.

I am doing well on the basic knitting. It's the steeking and button band that intimidates me.


Holly said...

Janet -

Steeking is easy, honest. And it is well worth the effort when knitting with one of the [mostly] wool Noro yarns or Kauni or ..... so that the long colour repeats match. I am one for matching stripes.
Yell when you get there - there is lots of help and some great on-line instructions available.

Janet said...

Oh, good. I am depending on advice. I know that people must be able to do this...

I realized as soon as I started that this is exactly what steeking is for, the stripes are so nice with the Noro. And I am planning to make a cardigan with Kauni as soon as my LYS gets the yarn, so this will be good practice.