Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Progress, frogging, progress???

I'm nearing the end of the body on the top down raglan. I still have not taken pics but will soon. Reason 1, too busy knitting, reason 2, I just had to rip out 9 rows!

I came up with the thought of adding a personal touch to the bottom, a little interest, if you will. After searching for some sort of horizontal cable, I grabbed my Fall IK and proceeded to calculate what I needed to add a tangled "yoke" (it's on the bottom of mine) to my sweater. Well, after a set up row and 8 rows in pattern, turns out I was reading it backwards and unless I want to turn my sweater inside out, (I don't) I had to rip. That's where I am at. Including this, I have 5 inches of body left.

Part of me wishes someone would finish already so I can breathe!!! J/k, sort of.


Holly said...

sounds really interesting.

Please - we would love a pix when you have this part done.

Josiane said...

I can't wait to see the personal touch you've added!