Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Progress Report

Like I said before, I'm knitting the top down raglan by Stephanie Japel. I am using Noro Silk Garden, on 4.5mm needles, and 3.5mm for the neckband and later for the cuffs and button band. This sweater is flying! I started knitting only yesterday at lunch time, because I was feeling intimidated by the new technique of top down and raglan, but honestly,
holy cow is it ever easy. I had to do a swatch because the pattern is 'quick and dirty' with no gauge hints so it's adaptable to any yarn weight. Admittedly I don't usually do swatches if I can get away with it. LOL

I'm aiming to make my sweater more fitted than not. I may even have enough yarn for a little tank top to go with it. Time will tell.


Michelle said...

Wow it looks fantastic!

kimianak said...

You're right, it *is* flying! Wow!


mjm knitting said...

Holy Crap-That's awesome!

(I haven't even started yet)

Holly said...

that looks great - and you certainly are speeding along

littlelib said...

Looks amazing and you're making such good time. I know I'm definitely not going to be the first (or even near that) done. Our house is topsy turvy right now (DH's former stepson moved in - definitely for the best for him) and I didn't knit a single stitch yesterday. Apparently the fates are against me, mais c'est la vie!

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Thanks, everybody.