Monday, March 3, 2008

I feel slow...

My Mr. Greenjeans isn't even to the dividing row yet... I feel snail-y, and all I can think about at work is how I can get out of there faster so I can knit my sweater!

I'm using Malabrigo which is a yummy shade of purple. It feels a little thick and stiff even though I am using larger needles, but hopefully that'll come out in the blocking.

Is there anyone sweater mad enough to knit three sweaters this month? I would do it, but I'm not fast enough!


Holly said...

This is the only sweater that I am going to start and finish this month.

You see, I have this wonderful Viking Ship Sweater on the needles, within about 30 rows of the body being done.

Then come the steeks and the sleeves. and the finishing.

It is too much to hope for, to finish it up this month, but I am going to try. (as it is 26/4" and stranded might it count as more than one sweater?)

kimianak said...

You're not alone! I'm not yet at the dividing row either...