Sunday, March 9, 2008

FINALLY - Mr. Greenjeans is Started!

I FINALLY started Mr. Greenjeans. I've never knit a Raglan sweater nor a top down sweater, so this will be a first for me on both counts! I really didn't have a yarn in my stash (believe it or not!) that was well suited for this project. Well....I did have one, but that's earmarked for the Knitty Samus sweater.

I finally settled on a mottled brick red yarn from Aslan Trends. Its called Artesanal and is 40% cotton, 30% alpaca, and 30% polyamide. I think it will make a perfect springtime sweater. I've only knit about 21 rows so far, so no pictures yet.

Wish me luck!


Janet said...

I loved knitting this pattern. It still feels like "cheating", top down raglans are so much fun, once you take the sweater off the needles, it's done, no sewing! And I love being able to try it on, it's all custom fitted.

Josiane said...

Oh, I'm glad to learn that you've just started: now I know I won't be the only one still knitting. I've started on March 1st, but I'm just done with the yoke; you'll catch up on me in no time!

Holly said...

there are several of us still knitting, and this is a great pattern.

Your yarn sounds like just the right choice. It is raining and storming - I couldn't think even about spring, but it would have been really smart!

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Although things went really fast for the body of my sweater, the sleeves seemed to take forever. It may have had something to do with my freakishly long arms, and I can say with some confidence that at least they will fit once I'm done the sweater...

I am in love with raglan. Who would have guessed?

Anyway, I'm still not done. I finished the second sleeve yesterday, but still have to weave in the ends, find some suitable buttons, and then cut the steek and knit the bands. Good thing I really want a cardigan or I would have just sewn in the ends and called it a day!