Thursday, September 17, 2009

Look at how fast I can knit!

I cast on yesterday and look how far I am today! MWOOHAHAHAAAAA JUST KIDDING!!!

This is my sweater that I started months ago. It's my first Central Park Hoodie in a wierd 'raw hamburger' sort of colorway (by the way, thanks for all the encouragement about that darn pink color). I'm almost done with the sleeves and have to start looking for a place the block the huge thing . . . any ideas? I still have the whole edge thingy to knit - oh and the hood. Honestly, I don't know how you people can knit these things in a month.

I know. . . I'm cheating. I also started (about a million months ago, too) a sweater for my new niece that should be arriving any day now.

b14-27 Jacket by DROPS design


bySarah said...

Oooh, I love that drops baby sweater pattern, I have been eyeing it wanting one of my friends to get pregnant!

Good progress on the CPH - even for already having it started. BTW, on my monitor, your CPH is the exact color of the background of this YOU MATCH!

Holly said...

Looking really good!

Doesn't matter if you started ahead of time, my bet is that you will have both completed this month.

and thanks so much for that link to the baby drops sweater. It is just the perfect thing for take-a-long knitting and having a few on hand. Seems like the people at my husbands firm are spawning.....