Thursday, September 17, 2009

Barely Started

In the evening, the light in my room is horrible. Energy saving bulbs are all well and good, but taking photos without flash shows you just about how dark I find the place.

This yarn is what most of us would think of as fishermans. A nice weight natural colored yarn that is meant to show of stitches and pattern while happily being obscured in the background.

I have cast on not quite 200 stitches on my 3.00 mm needles and am cussing my way through twisted rib while listening to Bellweather by Connie Willis in audio. I didn't want anything stressful, ugly or mean. No thrillers, mysteries or blood. Back to scifi with ideas.

One month? I must be nuts!


Rani said...

That twisted rib is a b#&@# but it will be so worth it in the end! Can't wait to see you kickin' arse on that sweater.

bySarah said...

I love listening to audiobooks while knitting - keep at it, I bet after the twisted rib, the sweater will fly off the needles!

Holly said...

thanks for the encouragement. The going over row is a real pain, but I am knitting the return in regular rib.

1) makes it easy to tell which is the right side (grin)
2) makes the return row faster
3) I can't tell the difference either way on the purl stitches, why go through all that extra effort?

Of course, once I am done with the ribbing, I need to set up for the cables....

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Holly, I like your reason #3. You've got a good start on it, that's for sure!