Thursday, September 17, 2009

Already Behind

Would all believe that I still haven't picked out my pattern? Or the stash yarn that I plan to use? I have been flipping through about a dozen knitting books and hope to have something selected and hopefully even casted on today.

I'm looking forward to seeing your yarn selection, Michelle.


Tara said...

I really thought I had picked out THE one. But now a friend has sent me the pattern for the Honeybee Cardigan as a gift (the vixen), and I'm hemming and hawing again.

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

You crack me up!

Holly said...

Hey Barb,

Same advice I gave Tara. Start with the stash. There is going to be something in there that you really want on your bod.

Then go for a pattern.

(of course, I made the commitment to the pattern first, but it was only on the condition that I could make it from stash yarn. Three choices then - natural, red and denim. Went with the natural. It has been marinating about 10 years).