Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Socks in Progress

Since I have a few socks to do before Monkey - I thought I would share.
The first is Shadow socks, a lengthwise pattern. I have the foot and the leg done, but decided to wait till tomorrow before I tackle the 85 stitches worth of grafting. The second pix is the gusset at leg back.
 Shadow Sock before grafting  me

And needing something else for a road trip tomorrow - I pulled out Lemon Grass and started the May Day socks. (outdoor lighting vs inside with halogen spot) Both actually seem right. The firs tis what the yarn looked like in daylight, and the second is what it looks like ot me now, sitting here in the middle of the night.

 STR - Lemon Grass just started

Oops - it is 0024 and I need to crash. Morning is going to come all too early


Loretta said...

Thanks for sharing!!! I can't wait to see the length wise socks grafted. The other yarn is beautiful!!

Holly said...

(grin) I can't wait to see them grafted either. Want to do it for me?