Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Koigu, blue, for Monkey

I'm going to try to attach a pic to this--the technology is hard, not the knitting! The yarn I chose from my copious sock yarn stash is a Koigu multi-royal-blue-and turquoise. Nice and firm--went to a 1.5 needle instead of 2, although I have big feet. If they're too small, I'll have to give them away!


Holly said...

That is a terrific blue. I am a real fan of solids or semi solids for complicated patterns so that they really stand out.

Gee - wonder why everything in the stash is so multi- color. Must be that I just get suckered!

Loretta said...

That is really pretty yarn! I have not yet bought any of that yarn but I have heard it is fabulous!