Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Today is the day

Who has theirs started? I have mine started and was 8 rows into the pattern when I realized I had somehow added 2 more stitches to one needle so I frogged back to round 1 and am starting from there again. This pattern seems really easy though.

BTW I am using the jitterbug fire yarn. It is really fun to work with. Kind of springy (as in stretchy springy) I am not having any trouble with it splitting either, even with frogging back and re knitting no troubles at all


housegecko said...

I've stayed away from Jitterbug because it seems to have so little yardage on it. Isn't the yardage just 260 or so? Do you think it's enough for socks like Monkey?

Going to start mine tonight after work. I spent last night desperately trying to finish a pair for my DH that I've been promising forever. Nearly done, but I'll take a break and start Monkey.


Loretta said...

It is 292 yards. I am rather short (just over 5 feet) and have a size 5 1/2 foot so I usually make my socks shorter in height and shorter in foot length than a lot of people. So I think it will work out fine.

I just could not help using this yarn it was just yelling knit me! lol

I know what you mean about trying to finish other projects. I finished my sons camo socks over the weekend and I finished one other sock I had started. I like to have a couple of them going though so I will cast on for the single socks match either tonight or tomorrow.

Holly said...

I have lots of yarns to choose from (thanks to Michelle amoung other shops).

The Monkeys are sixth on my list for the month (rest of list can be found here.

Part of the reason that they are down the list is that I want them for myself.

After all these socks, I want a couple to keep for me (grin).


Anonymous said...

Well, I cheated and had already started. I'm about 1/3 of the way through sock two, but have several pairs on the needles that I'm alternating them with.

Loretta said...

I do the same thing Karin! I have been checking out Michelle's shop too.

Loretta said...

Holly I keep trying to look at your list but for some reason it I can't get to it.

Holly said...

let us see if the cut and paste method works.

in general
and http://www.proseknitic.de/2007/05/they-are-gone/
for the specific post.

Loretta said...

Holly I was able to see your list! It looks like you have some fun things planned. I can't wait to see them!