Friday, April 6, 2007

UFOs for April!

UFOs in April

Isn't that what we are doing?

Since this was a day off from work (there is a general officer who supports the idea of the occasional four day weekend) I chose to exercise my freedom by sleeping in and then knitting. Going from this since 2004

To this over the day (interspersed with a lot of other comings and goings.
I will tell you right now that the least fun was binding off the shoulders. For only 10 stitches on each side those stitches fought to stay free, jumping off the needles when I wasn’t looking. Taking a leap, they ran down away from the bind off. A springing yarn, the Gedifra merino had plenty of energy and obviously a mind of its own. Added and abetted in this endeavor by the ebony needles, I finally cried enough! Sliding them onto one needle., alternating the recalcitrant escapees from both front and back I forced them into submission with a K2tog and psso, locking them in pairs for the life of the waistcoat.

And then there was the small issue of being on the last ridge of the neckline and running out of yarn, spending 15 minutes rooting through the stash before finding the remaining ball of yarn from the same dye lot. [I had decided I was not going to cry even if I was 20 m of yarn short].

So now all I have left to do is the armholes. Feels rather good, considering that I have been spending the last week finishing up these baby sweaters. And I will not mention that I found two more orphan socks while searching out that most needed final ball of red...



Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

You're well on your way, Holly! Those little sweaters look really nice. The colours are wonderful. Where did you get the pattern?

I cheated and started two new pairs of socks for hubby and my step-son (who is 18 today). It's so cold here that they will need those socks to go fishing again. I have one sock for hubby done, except for grafting the toe and turned the heel on Mat's sock.

I still haven't counted all my ufos. I know there will be an overwhelming amount.

Holly said...

The back zip baby sweater pattern is #39 from Fiber Trends. The only adjustments I made was to use a solid color on the hood facing and on the end of the arms (meaning 3 balls of striped yarn and one of contrast for the smallest size).

I did mention that I found two more orphan socks while digging out something else?

The number of UFOs seems limitless in my house.