Wednesday, April 4, 2007

The End and the re start

Here is my sweater
Yeah, it looks a little funny? That's because I made the body too long and the arms are a bit short. Actually the arms fit in length, but because I had to cast on when I got to the armhole shaping I only had to knit a bit to do the sleeves...looks funny...looks funny on too..and the armholes are too small...what's that Holly....check...oh yeah...I thought I did. I few pounds lighter and a couple inches taller and it should fit just fine. here is my UFO. It is a pair of socks from Sundara's Petal collection..the colours are much more beautiful, but it has been raining for days so no Mr. Sun.This is the first sock, I tend to get bored when I have to pick up stitches...I hate picking up stitches. These are a long delayed "surprise" present for my sisters MIL...yeah she is that great that I even make someone else's MIL socks.
Wish me luck


Holly said...

I still like the colors of your sweater.
Now, are you going to grow taller? Shorten the sweater? Or just wear it the way it is.
Sock - entrelac? it is a bit hard to see.
UFOs...I haven't picked up the vest yet - something about the three baby sweaters I finished tonight
pictured here, and two different socks still on the needles (Niagara Falls and Horcrux-worsted).


Michelle said...

Well I think i will just wear it as is not WAY too long..just about a few inches longer than I like.
The sock is actually swirling around the leg...that is the technical term...swirling!