Saturday, April 7, 2007

Chinese Red is done

All right! It is done. facings, neck and armholes. DONE!!!! (sorry about the shouting). not.

It is now resting on the studio table recovering from getting wet and being blocked.

Ok, it needs buttons or knots. I have enough yarn left to make buttons or knots, but have not found any patterns I really like without cr*cheting. And I avoid going there if at all possible.

Since I rarely button anything, I can still wear it.

I had so much energy (and forgot the Niagara sock on the needles in the car) that I pulled out the single sock and decided that I would save it from being an orphan. It gave me a chance to play with the new set of 2,5 mm 15 cm long double points in bamboo that I picked up from Rödel today. They feel fine and have a nice play to them, but the points are not as sharp as I like.

I think when I have these done, and the Niagara's done - then I should be able to start something new....



Jinxsa said...

Woohoo Nice vest!! I'm not into vest but that is rocking. That mut be fabu to have off the list.

Holly said...

It is wonderful to have done. I have started a new vest as a reward, but am going to continue to try and make mates for all the orphan socks.
That should count for UFOs, I think.