Sunday, March 4, 2007

´Viveka - armhole warning!

Anyone else who is doing any size under the XL size (and probably those as well) please take heed!

I took a look at the measurements for the sleeves and armholes.

Now, my Miriam is a size tiny to small, but even she needs more than 11" in circumference to comfortably get her arm through an arm hole. There is form fitting, and then there is so small that you can not easily get your arm in without stretching out the rest of the sweater.

Accordingly, I have made the armhole opening a bit bigger and am going to have to increase the diameter (or width for those who think flat) accordingly. I am not sure how this is going to play into the amount of yarn I have. OTOH, I have more than enough handspun to drop in an extra stripe or three.

please see if any of this applies to you. The frog pond is not my favorite place and I hate to make sweaters that do not fit. But who ever did the grading I don't think did it based on real figures.



Michelle said...

Thanks for the warning...I made my sweater too long so I will be adding some "patch work" to make the armholes longer and the sweater shorter.
Good lord woman you knit fast!

Jinxsa said...

I wish I had knit mine in the round for the same reason, the purling takes forever Especially the colourwork.

Great catch on the armholes, I'll have t do a bit of math.

Holly said...

Is there anyone doing the other sweater?

who has a lovely sunny afternoon on which to sit outside on the terrace and knit following the birthday luncheon out for Miriam.

Michelle said...

I think a lady named Barbara is going to join us...she should be knitting the second sweater