Saturday, March 3, 2007

Day one - progress

After negotiating, the teen insisted on the purple handspun to go with her Misty Blue Shelridge. I suppose I should be complimented that she picked a mom yarn over a hank of commercial that has been in the bin for a few years.

We then negotiated about how big a sweater she really wants and length.

I happily cast on 168 stitches on a 4mm needle and did about a couple of centimeteres of the contrast before bothering to read the directions. Those weird instructions that talk about three rows.

You see, I had been going off the lovely examples posted so far on the blog. I thought it looked fine, and had no interest in the frog pond, so just switched to the main color, upped the needle to 4.5mm and knit off the first ball. So that means I am over 20 cm up the body.

and at midnight, it is more than time to crash.


Jinxsa said...

Definitely take the compliment. I really want to learn spinning. I have the drop spindle and fiber and how too books. Now I just need time and possibly the vuagest clue about what the poodle the books are talking about.

Michelle said...

Nice progress on Day one!
You are knitting in the round?
I was thinking of doing that, but the front and the back were not the same in stockinette and I didn't want to confuse myself and make an error.
Funny that I did that anyways!

Holly said...

1) If I had only drop spindles, I would have quit spinning years ago. It is a good way to learn respect for women over the centuries, but I much prefer my spinning wheels.

2) Yes, I knit everything in the round that I can. That way the front and the back will match, and I knit faster than I purl, which means the first portion of the sweater goes much faster (as will the sleeves).

Please see warning about arm scythes - they are not big enough for most arms. Normally you want the circumference of the upper arm over whatever will be routinely worn plus ease.

In this case, the measurement for my 14 year old was exact-not including her ability to do the bicep routine. This leads me to believe that the arm is going to be too tight to be comfortable.