Friday, March 16, 2007

it's a tank top!

Whoo! I am finished the technically I have a very warm tank top!
I will be casting on the sleeves hopefully today...I am going to do 2 at a time.
This will be my first time and I am pretty sure it will be no problem...but I am excited to work both sleeves.
Gretchen and I have been talking about yardage for the sleeves, I am hoping it will only take 1 ball per sleeve...any ideas Holly?


Holly said...

I bought seven skeins, what the pattern said I needed. I used a full three on the body, one for each sleeve with a bit left over (not much) and still have two skeins not touched.

The sleeves I did were 13" wide and 22" long (or did you want cms? - I am not sure if you are in Canada or the US). One ball of yarn did it fine!.

Other option you have is just to start from the top and knit both down with the remaining yarn split between the sleeves. If you run out too soon, then just change the bottom of the sleeve to more of the contrast yarn.

The sweater uses so little of the contrast I was surprised!


(I would love to see a tank top pix!)

gretchen said...

Well, my gauge was a bit off, so it may be why I need a bit more. I wound up not getting closer than 18/4".

Of course, I've cast on the bottom now twice, and after three rows discovered that I had, in fact, twisted my stitches....I was being so careful. Time to start over. Again.