Wednesday, March 14, 2007

She had better like it!

Well, I went with a simple ribbing on smaller needles. It looks fairly decent. I have even sewn in all the ends.

Now I suppose that I should go back to the flipping baby sweaters, interspersed with socks... Otherwise I suppose that I could also consider finishing up some WIPs or even tackle a UFO!



denise said...

It looks great and she had better like it! Congratulations!

gretchen said...

It looks great - and it loked great while seh was trying it on. I really want to finish mine!!!

Holly said...

if you can stand one more picture of the maus, I will get her in the sweater this coming weekend.

The tenn will be showing her face, in spite of the fact that she wanted to raid my sock drawer. I trusted her with five pairs, but we had to negotiate which ones.


Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

I'd love to see the finished sweater on your daughter! You did a great job!

Jinxsa said...

That is such a great job. It's definitly something I want to aspire to.