Friday, March 16, 2007

I had a scare

OK. So I decided to do the body in the round, cast on 264 (132 +132) and eventually discovered I twisted the stitches so I had to frog.

When I pulled the thing off the needles (32" circs), it was about 68 inches around. I know my gauge is off, but yikes. It shouldn't be that off. I'm tempted to go for the next size smaller.

I'm frightened....should I be worried?


Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

If it looks too big, chances are it is too big. That's exactly the same thing that happened to me. So I frogged and cast on about 20 sts less! Don't forget you don't need those extra stitches for seaming since you're working in the round. Good luck. I'll think of you with great empathy having been there! Smile and keep knitting!!

Holly said...

Depends on how big you want it. At 20/4 inches you are casting on 200 stitches is 50 inches, and that extra 64 should add another 12+, so it looks like you were pretty much on target.

Decide how big around you really want it and cast on the number of stitches that will make it happen.

If you have to adjust the armholes or neck area, first thing to do is look at the smaller sizes, there may be numbers there you can use.

If not, there are some pretty simple formulas to calculate out arm scythe and neck lines if you need them.

So, how big do you really want this sweater to be?