Saturday, March 31, 2007

I DID IT!!!!


I FINISHED! It is 10:46pm Atlantic time. How is that for close??

There was much (MUCH!!) frustration and frogging. And then there was more frogging. You'd think I never knit before.

Here are some pictures.
The first time I ripped back the sleeve caps.

Then the second time I was working with live stitches of the sleeve caps.

For the third time, see that wine glass? Yes, fortitude was required.
Past 6pm by then. (Thanks for asking!)

And just to show off, the inside out shot:And a moment of glee:
My favourite thing? That's easy. I totally love how the neck turned out. I didn't make it a proper V, instead knit the V to about half-way and then knit straight. Once the sweater is blocked I will post more photos, and close-ups of the neck.
(Boy, am I ever glad this March Sweater Madness is done!)
Thanks so much, Michelle, for organizing it!


Jinxsa said...

Whoo Hoo!! Yeay you!

Holly said...

Fantastic - that is absolutely glorious.

Can I have it, pretty please?


Michelle said...

You are so welcome! It is beautiful way to go!!