Sunday, April 1, 2007

So Close!

I just about made it...I have the sweater half seemed up...then I got a call...from a bar...with lots of friends I have not seen in ages.
I rarely go out and made the decision to have some my sweater will be a day late. I am ok with that


Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

You did good Michelle!

Friends are WAY more important than some sweater! Make sure you take a picture to show off when you're done. :D

Holly said...

Absolutely, besides - you finished knitting it. The little bit of seaming is nothing.

And you will finish it because we will all nag you.

(well the whole thing was your idea so your sweater just can not become a UFO!

great job.


Michelle said...

I have one more seam to do then the crochet prob!