Friday, March 30, 2007

The End is In Sight

Kind of, that is! I finished the back last night (again!). I wish I had made my sleeves before even attempting the upper body of this sweater. Would have saved me loads of time and grief. I knew my one sleeve fit perfect. But when I was shaping my arm holes I kept thinking that it looked terribly small. In a moment of pure brilliance I put the sleeve to the arm hole and measured off the sleeve. Way easier than following that pattern. After all, every body is different. The perfect sweater will not end up perfect if one is going to blindly follow a pattern without making some adjustments.

Any hoo, now I have the front to knit which will go relatively fast because of the V-neck. After that, the cap on the second sleeve, the neck, and put it all together. By the end of this evening I should be done. No time left for procrastinating now!


Holly said...

Barb -

go for it! The front went rapidly, even if I did both sides at the same time after the split (center pull balls are wonderful) so that things match.



denise said...

Good job! you can do it!!