Thursday, March 8, 2007


I need some advice.

The colour work is going to need a really good blocking, which I was prepared for, but I didn't account for how much lighter my plain knitting would be and how much looser. Maybe after blocking it will all even itself out. Since I already have 34cm done, it seems a bit too late for any more shaping. My sweater may not be as fitted as Mason-Dixon designed it to be.

Do you think I should stop working the body and make the sleeves so my arm hole shaping turns out right? Or do like Holly suggested and knit sleeves right onto the body? I have my doubts about it because of the set-in sleeves. I don't mind trying new techniques but I hate having to do things over and over and over before I figure out how to get it right.

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Holly said...

I have done set-ins as knit in sleeves, not from the top down but from the bottom up.
It can be a pain. You really have to love doing short rows.

But you can knit in the round till the underarm bind off, then switch to back and forth.

But it depends on your gauge.

The other sweater (Viveka) has an unshaped sleeve that goes straight up and attaches like a drop sleeve. That one does work either from the bottom up and then bound in or from the top down.

Are you talking a lot different on the gauge - like 10-20 cm worth across the front? Or just a couple. It does make a difference.