Thursday, March 8, 2007

Goofing off!

I had just sat down to knit this evening when the DH requested a ride to the train station. This was after I had looked up the connections and had been told that he wanted to take the 1805.

Ok, I live to serve. Right.

Then he asks me if I am headed off to Nußloch to my spinning group tonight. Oh, not terribly cognizant of the day anymore because my week was more than fouled up. But give me a choice of getting an evening out with nice people, or staying home when it is obvious that I need to clean and you can guess my choice.
Nußloch Spinzirkel
We meet at Anette's shop, Anette's Wollwerkstatt . And the title of spinning group has become a misnomer. The variety of wool related activities ran from spinning, some weaving, four knitters, and a needle felter.

And this does not count the poor mom who is string ersatz pearls on ribbons for a confirmation party.

Me? I took along my March madness sweater. Opening the bag, I found I did not have the trim yarn with which to start the sleeve. So I decided to go top down.

Want to guess how much fun it is to do a provisional cast on when you don't have either waste yarn or a crochet hook? End result is I managed, but only did about 10cm in the entire evening.

March 08-2007 Progress picture from the patio, I am not binding in that sleeve till Miriam gets home and trys it on to make sure that the length is right.


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