Saturday, March 10, 2007

In a rare moment of brilliance, I decided not to bind in that first arm until Miriam got home to try it on.

She liked the length of the sweater just fine, and really loves the color. But the sleeve was not as long as she wanted.

I know that we have discussed the problems with wide-bottomed sleeves and their tendency to get into things. She is not to be discouraged. She wants the sleeve to come at least half-way down her hand. And since she is going to wear it, I suppose that is reasonable.

She also informed me that the sweater will still fit when she grows a few more inches. Hope is eternal in this teenager who does not want to be the shortest person in the family.

In case you were wondering, the extra hand holding the sleeve up is her older sister Nina (trying to avoid completely being in the photo) and her room is no where near the disaster it could be.

Everyone else has been quiet. Is this good?



Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

I tend to agree with your daughter. The sleeve looks "funny" at that length. Definitely needs to be made longer.
And when she's inspired to do the dishes for you, she will just have to fold them up! Hope is never a bad thing!

Holly said...

I added a number of cm to the sleeve. She is now happy.

Of course, we will not talk about having to rip out the top down sleeve and do that one from the bottom up (something about it not looking like the other one...DUH!)

Dishes? Those items you leave in the sink when you are done eating?

and then blame one of your sibs for the mess!


Jinxsa said...

It's one of those things I have learned selling women's clothes, it's not my opinion that really matters. It'ed be a shame to have put in all those hours and to have the sweater not be worn because it isn't comfortable. You've done a really great job!

Sorry about being quiet it's been a mope-tastic week.