Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Better Late than never..

Hi everyone.

I got started a little late and I'm just finishing up sleeve number one. I wish I had thought of casting on both at the same time BUT I was trying to shortcut knitting a swatch to check the guage and decided I would use the sleeve as a test.

The wool that I had orginally planned to use did not work out. It was splitty and very Fuzzy. I chose to knit the Mason Dixon Perfect Sweater and fuzzy was not a good look. So I ordered more wool and it was delayed in shipping.

So here I am better late than never and I'm so excited to finish a sweater this month!! I've really enjoyed watching all of the sweaters come together. I'll keep you posted.


Michelle said...

YAY Denise...we are so glad to have you!
Love the colour of the yarn!

Holly said...


I really like the looks of the cast on. Sounds like we think alike. I case on the body of the sweater for my gauge.

Only my plan was to adjust the pattern to fit my gauge! (I hate swatching).

Keep showing us pix please!


Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Pretty colour. What yarn are you using? I have issues with swatching. Small wonder I end up doing things twice.

denise said...

I'm using Knitpcicks Wool of the Andes in Rain. With the way the sweater was going at time of order Rain was an appropriate choice!