Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Sleeve Width

thought I would just mention adjusting the sleeves here.

If, like Barb and I, you are knitting in the round, you measure the size of your arm opening after you have bound off your shoulders.

then take your inches or cm x your gauge per - and that will tell you how many stitches you need around for your sleeve. Since the pattern calls for no shaping at all for the arm, what you start with is the final number.

you might have to adjust the K,P pattern depending on if your stitch number matches any of the sleeves

When you get to the top, turn the sweater inside out, take either your needle or little crochet hook and pop your live stitches through [I stick them on an extra circular needle so I don't lose them], then either knit a row around and bind off, or just bind-off.

If you are knitting flat - you can put your shoulders together measure, calculate your stitches then pick up and knit down if you want. This eliminates one seam. It also means you have bulk while you knit, but your sleeve will fit. If your two arm holes are not exactly the same size, you have also solved your problem [how does this happen? we know how this happens!

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