Sunday, March 4, 2007

Better Late than Never

The Madness begins. I didn't even dig out the wool from my stash until late yesterday afternoon. By then someone already had a back finished. Holy cow! Here I am, though. Barbara from Nova Scotia, hi, pleased to meet you, everyone!

I picked option 2. I noticed a majority is going with option 1, but having knit a sweater with wide sleeves at the cuffs before, I chose to pass it this time. Those sleeves tend to get into everything. Forget about washing dishes with it on. Just a heads up.

My hat's off to Michelle for this aptly named event. Madness, indeed. The photo shows how far I got before I, one: realized that I had a twist in the join (incidentally, I am knitting in the round because it's less fussy doing colour work on circs than back and forth! Joke's on me, eh? When will I learn not to mess with a pattern??), and two: let gauge bite me on the arse. I measured myself, I checked the pattern. Fool that doesn't actually check gauge gets to swim with the frogs. Ribbit. Don't collect $200, please start at the beginning. Turns out size L is size HUGE when you don't respect gauge. Ball bands lie. Let us all learn from my mistake. Never laugh in the face of gauge. Lesson learned. Lets move on!

At last, this is where I am. Exactly 6 cm from the beginning. To most this may not sound like a lot, but there were lessons learned (not just about gauge!).

The crochet cast on. It's actually a good thing that my first attempt was twisted, since the only way that first crochet cast on was coming off was with a pair of scissors and much cussing.

The picot fold line. Yup, a first for me. Quite easy actually, but a first nevertheless.

Knit the joining row of facing. Another first. I admit to cussing but it was short lived. Working with live stitches on two circulars tried my patience; the stitches from one or the other kept slipping off, but eventually I saw the light and this seems like a really useful technique to add to my repertoire.
Within a row or two I will make nice with my colour work choice.
Knit on.


Holly said...

I love your color choices! and welcome from another doing it in the round!

If we hadn't had some family sitting around time this weekend - I would not be very far at all.

This coming week is going to be a disaster at work, and I doubt I am going to be able to do much of any knitting till next weekend.

The pictures of sweater 1 are a bit deceiving.. those sleeves are not all that wide, since there are no increases or decreases in the whole thing. At least for the smallest size, they are only 11" around.

I am planning on decreasing for the part below the ribbing anyway, for just the reason that you mentioned.

But doing dishes? Do you really think I can get a teenager to do dishes?


Michelle said...

Hi Barbara, I am so glad you joined the "madness"
I can't wait to see your progress on sweater #2
I do love the colour choices as well...I was going to do something similar but had already balled up the chocolate for Chris' sweater and had to slap my hand away from the store inventory...I do that a lot

Jinxsa said...

Sign me up for the ones who love the colour choices. Apparently the Paton's merino is cursed for guage, as I checked but had different results from straight to circs.

I really really wish I had thought to work in the round. **Pouts lots**

Holly said...

go for doing the sleeves in the round.

You knit socks don't you? this will be a piece of cake. And you can even bind them in, which takes care of sewing if you don't want to pick up and knit down because of the bulk.


Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Thanks everyone. I was going to use the brick as my second colour, but I had used the gold as my crochet cast on and figured it didn't look too bad.

Holly, I figure getting a teenager to do dishes is the least they can do as payment for putting up with the teenage years. Once our teenaged girl moved out on her own, it became the boy's job! The older one washes (he's almost 18) and the younger one dries (he's 8). And my youngest is responsible for unloading the dishwasher. She probably complains more than the boys put together. lol It all gets done eventually (they're not exactly quick!) but at least my back doesn't ache from standing over the sink.
Michelle, I don't know how you do keep your hands out of store inventory! To live with such temptation, oh my!