Sunday, March 4, 2007

Back Off!

No really...I finished the back!
That was my goal for the weekend so I am happy, I will be immediatly casting on for the front before I forget those little modifications I made.
I am not sure that I am happy with it until I see if it fits...i am not sure of the measurements yet.
the back was too long so I put in a little patch instead of frogging...not sure I made the right choice..but I really didn't want to frog..I hope it stays hidden in my pits!


Jinxsa said...

Wha size did you decide on for the arms?

Holly said...

I like it! and I don't think anyone is going to see the patch at all!

Did you bind off the shoulder stitches or leave them live?


Michelle said...

I decided to go with 8 inches on the arms...16 inches should be more than enough for me.
And yes I did bind them all off...I hate seaming but I figured I had better practice!