Monday, March 31, 2014

Day 31 - At Last

It's almost all over but the crying.  I'm making the final push on my sweater. It's impossible highly unlikely that I will get done in the last 10 hours that remains in this Madness, but I'm actually knitting so anything could happen.  I'm working on the back section and then there are still the sleeves.  Sigh.  Maybe if I had been a bit more committed..

Toni, your sweater is looking great.  I can't wait to see the finished product!

Tina is still working on her sleeves and I will bully encourage her until she has a finished sweater, whenever that may be.

How are you doing, RobinH? We haven't heard from Ms. Packratt in a while either.

Keep knitting, Ladies.


RobinH said...

Alas, I abandoned the effort- I've been knitting socks for my yarn-dyeing friend instead.

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